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Gallery1988 is a pop-culture inspired art gallery with two locations in Los Angeles. All of the artwork seen here is available online, with more information about the galleries, at

Jun 25

For Jeff Boyes “The Art of Character,” the artist decided to pay homage to actors/actresses who are completely unforgettable, but may not have ever had the actual leading spotlight in pop culture. We’ve already previewed an image inspired by Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and now we see Cousin Eddie (portrayed by Randy Quaid) from the Vacation movies. For those who already have his completely sold out Chevy Chase / Clark Griswald piece, this would make for a pretty awesome duo. 

Come check out the exhibit THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, at G1988 (East), with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. Meet Jeff and see his new pieces (and variants), they’re incredible.

G1988 (East)
7021 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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