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Gallery1988 is a pop-culture inspired art gallery with two locations in Los Angeles. All of the artwork seen here is available online, with more information about the galleries, at

Feb 10

I wish everyone who visits our website, blog, Twitter & Facebook could see this piece in person. I just know my words, and our photos, won’t do it justice, but let’s try. 

Aled Lewis handmade a 30 foot cross-stitch tapestry that tells the ENTIRE story of Star Wars. EVERY moment. Every character. EVERYTHING. I’ll let him explain:

A hand-stitched cotton thread on 30 foot of continuous length of 7 stitch per inch Klostern fabric. Stiffened with a thin batting and hemmed with a custom-made printed pixel star farbric on rear. This cross-stitch tapestry depicts the Star Wars saga (so far) from Episode 1 through Episode 6. Quotes from each movie are written in Aurebesh on the surrounding border. Chanelling the Bayeux Tapestry.

30 feet x 13 inches

It’s so crazy. And yes, quotes from the movie are represented by Aurebesh lettering as the border. The detail and scale of this one is just unreal. If you live in LA, or are going to visit, PLEASE stop by G1988 (West) and take a look.

AND if you have some dough, and want to have a piece in your home/work that makes people want to never leave or stop talking about it, here is the link to buy:

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