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Feb 27

It’s time of the year again!

Paleyfest is back in Los Angeles, where The Paley Center For Media honors different TV shows over 2 weeks, where basically the whole cast & crew all appear, have a panel, sometimes show a new episode or tease something new, then even sign autographs most of the time. It’s an amazing event, and for the past few years, we’ve been honored to be collaborating with them for limited edition screenprints at select events.

This year we have made posters for 5 nights, starting this Friday night, March 1st, with The Walking Dead. The poster was made by DKNG and it’s AMAZING. And small note: all the editions this year are only out of 150, so these won’t be around long, especially at $30 this year.

Our second night is March 5th for Community, our second time with the sitcom. This year Tracie Ching made the poster, highlighting a ton of Easter Egg items from the show. Can you catch them all?

Our third night will be with Parenthood on March 7th. Anthony Petrie made the entire family, so you can only imagine the tireless work that went into depicting this drama. One of the best shows on TV deserves a poster!

Our 4th night will be with New Girl on March 11th, Zooey Deschanel’s great show on FOX. LOVE this poster, as Joshua Budich was able to perfectly capture the essence of the characters. 

And our 5th and final night will be for the Fest’s finale, American Horror Story. But that we will keep a frightful surprise for now.

You can still buy tickets to each night’s festivities by visiting here -

There are other great nights that we won’t be there as well, like 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory and The Newsroom. For the past few years, security has also let people come in quickly to buy a poster, even if they don’t have a ticket, so we’re hoping that’s the case again. Also, in other cities, some of the panels will be broadcast in movie theaters, but you can do the research on their site for that.

We’ll be there once the doors open at the Saban Theater, so we hope to see you there!!!

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